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Forensic Services

 Forensic neuropsychological services are provided with a commitment to accuracy, integrity and effective communication. Dr. Donarski and her licensed staff all trained and peer reviewed in systematic and objective measurement of the validity of psychological and brain injury cases.

Objective measurement of valid vs. invalid claims is performed in cases involving questions of brain disorder, emotional / psychological disorder, and chronic pain. From the initial contact with our administrative staff through the completion of the case, time-tested procedures are implemented to support accurate findings and effective recommendations.

Verbal and written reporting by Dr. Donarski is clear and concise. Communications are timely. A unique report format provides readers with easy access to all or any part of the data, including history and systematic assessment of major domains of brain function, emotion and validity.

The report empowers involved parties and triers of fact to identify, manage, and adjudicate legitimate claims in a cost-effective manner and to have a solid foundation for limiting the adverse impact and expense of invalid claims.

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