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Aggression / Anger Management


Group psychotherapy is one intervention that can be used for aggressive and or angry clients. This group helps clients:

  • Identify, understand, and deal with underlying problems resulting in aggressive behavior
  • Improve interpersonal relationships; and
  • Find more appropriate ways of expressing feelings, particularly those associated with aggressive behavior.

There are various individual and groups offered. Please read the following to determine your best fit:

Violence Prevention

Refers to efforts to decrease aggression, antisocial behavior, bullying, and critical episodes of school violence (i.e., assault, theft, vandalism, shootings, etc…).  Anger management is often the main focus or a critical component of violence prevention programs.

Proactive Aggression

Refers to aggression that appears to be a way of obtaining a desired outcome. Examples include hitting a peer to get his/her toy, or harassing a student in order to gain the respect of a peer group. Proactive aggression is best addressed by efforts which teach new social skills, punish aggressive behaviors, reinforce non-aggressive responses, and to implement effective parent training.

Instrumental Aggression

Also known as proactive aggression. Aggression is used as a way to obtain a desired outcome.

Reactive Aggression

Aggression that occurs as a response to a stimulus or situation. Often, children with anger management deficits who display reactive aggression appear to be short-tempered, are likely to misinterpret neutral situations as being hostile, and tend to overreact to minor provocations. Students whose aggression is reactive in nature are less likely to be affected by attempts to punish aggressive behavior. Instead, students with reactive aggression tend to benefit more from programs that emphasize social role taking, empathy, self-control, anger education, social problem solving, negotiation, assertiveness training, and accepting criticism.


A form of aggression in which one or more students physically, psychologically, and/or sexually harass another student repeatedly over a period of time. In order for aggression to qualify as bullying, the nature of the attacks must involve an imbalance of power between the aggressor(s) and the victim. Bullies may display both proactive and reactive aggression. Bullies may also be the victims of other bullies. Interventions for bullying should include components that address the behavior of the bullies, the behavior of the victims, and the behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions of the peer group which surrounds the victim (which in many cases may include the entire school). Anger management programs will be helpful for some aspects of bullying, but additional interventions will be needed to address the needs of victims and peer groups.


For many, a loss of control, resulting in verbal outbursts and acts of physical aggression can and does happen…in the blink of an eye. Anger is a perfectly normal emotion. But left unchecked, it can be incredibly destructive, costing people their education, jobs, personal relationships, and even their lives. We all experience anger, so it’s important to have constructive approaches to recognize and manage it effectively. Family Therapy & Development Center’s Anger Management Program is an educational and interactive experience that provides participants the information and tools to better deal with it. If you have experienced negative consequences that may have also resulted in legal action, this program is designed to help you work through your emotions towards positive results. Some of our clients have been court ordered to attend Anger Management courses. Others may have been directed by an attorney to complete a similar class during the course of litigation.

A letter of completion will be issued to each attendee upon the conclusion and satisfactory completion of the course. Full attendance is required to certify completion. In addition to the course, Family Therapy & Development Centers, Inc. will provide each attendee with a court liaison who will appear in court on their behalf if necessary.